Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's not a symphony if you only play one note.

I just rented 'Reservation Road'.


You'd think the story would have affected me. It's about a guy whose kid is accidentally killed by another guy. I have kids. I should care.

I didn't. There are plenty of reasons why I didn't, but the one that I feel like blathering on about today is the acting. 

Not that the acting was bad. It just didn't go anywhere. Mark Ruffalo, playing the guy who kills the kid, goes from being contrite in one scene to being contrite in the next. I'm not a huge fan of Mark Ruffalo, but he did a decent job with it. 

Same goes for all the leads. Four of Hollywood's most lauded actors, each of whom played the same emotion for the entire film. The only one that seemed to progress at all was Joaquin Phoenix's character, who goes from angry to vengeful. 

Ooh! Such a huge range. 

If you can play a spectacular F# on the bassoon, good for you. But don't make me listen to 102 minutes of it.